Homeschool Mama Journal

  • In my life this week…
    We made our last hurrah trip to Disney on Monday and Tuesday.  We stayed over night at Coronado Springs hotel.  It was a nice hotel.  The girls really enjoyed themselves and even got to go swimming in the nice pool.  I was miserably sick with a head cold, but toughed it out.  It was fun to watch the girls in all their excitement. They all got to go on their favorite rides at the parks. Mabel and Evelyn love Rock-n-Roll Coaster, Gretchen loves the People Mover at Magic Kingdom and Vera loves the Merry Go Round.  On our way to Magic Kingdom
  • In our homeschool this week…
    We made great family memories with the girls, it was a wonderful year having the Season Pass.  We will do it again in a couple years.  We did minimal school work b/c I was not well.  We kept it to the basic’s, reading, writing, and math. The girls are finishing the week of with a research project.  Each one is picking an insect to do a presentation on.
  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
    Don’t sweat the small stuff, when you are sick you can still get some work in make it count.  Watch educational movies and do read alouds!!!
  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
    We went up to Disney and saw lot of characters.  Fun times.  We usually never do the character picture spots, but we did some this time and the girls enjoyed it.  This was them with the characters from Wreck it Ralph.

    Wreck it Ralph
  • My favorite thing this week was…
    watching the girls really enjoy themselves at the parks.  Even though I didn’t feel well, and didn’t ride many rides it was fun to watch them so excited about everything.  I loved seeing my hubby joining in the fun with the girls and making us all laugh.  Some of those highlights are to follow…DSC_0203 DSC_0253 DSC_0274
  • My kiddos favorite thing this week was…
    well that’s  no brainer…Mom needing sick time, LOL.  No, it was Disney!!! They did SO well, no whining, no arguing…days like these make me so proud!! I look at these pics and get sad and happy, b/c they are growing up to be such beautiful young ladies, who truly love each other. Awesome!!!!
    DSC_0041 DSC_0308 DSC_0085
  • Things I’m working on…
    Getting healthy.  This week I’ve started my new lifestyle change/diet.  I am doing well so far and down 5lbs!  Yeah me!!!
  • I’m cooking…
    yes, always cooking!  I did a great chuck roast last night!!
  • I’m Reading…
    I just started a book given to me by my sister-in-law, called Made to Crave.  So far, so good! Thanks Michelle!!
  • I’m grateful for…
    a wonderful LOVING hubby!!  He is so supportive and encouraging for me.  I just love this man!!!  He’s a hard worker and provides so much for our family.  He’s the backbone of our home and I don’t do anything without considering him first.  I am so glad God created him for me!!!!
  • I’m praying for…
    friends that are dealing with some tough areas that affect their marriage.  I pray that God will give them wisdom and good judgement in handling all those touch areas.
    a friend who is so close to making a book deal for a devotional that she’s spent many years preparing, God has his hand in the deal and it will work it for good.
    my hubby and his brother to have safe flying and are able to finish the job with accuracy and patience needed dealing with the changing minds of the farmers.
    Mother-Daughter event tonight that I get to attend with Mabel tonight at church, hope it continues opening doors and we are able to keep our open communication always going.

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    Hope you all have a blessed weekend!
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One thought on “Homeschool Mama Journal

  1. I’m really enjoying reading this. Thanks for sharing openly about all these different things. So real. I appreciate that. Plus, it’s good to still have a bit of “contact”, even if it is all through blog readings!

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