This is me being REAL

Talking about my word of the year: INTENTIONAL


For me, being intentional means doing things even when I don’t want to because it is what I need to do. Being intentional means having a plan at all times. Being intentional means setting goals. I am not speaking of having plans and setting goals because I believe I have my future all figured out or that I can truly control what happens tomorrow or next week, but I do want to have a plan and set realistic goals because it is one of the ways that lives can change. It is going to be a way for me to move from a comfy place in life to a place of excitement and freedom to fully live the life that God designed for me! There may be times that I go off the path and I need all you help me stay accountable.


So, this is me being real.  These are steps I am making to be Intentional.  These are the things on my heart this week.


Support my hubby is easy I usually think, I think he’s amazing, he’s a hard worker, funny guy, loving Daddy, so it’s easy for me to support him.  I love having a hot dinner ready for him, so we all eat as a family.  I like to do things around the house so he doesn’t have to. (I really do like doing those things) But last night when we were going to bed he put the TV on.  He knows I like noise from the TV to fall asleep to.  It shuts my mind down and makes me not think of all the things I need to do.  Anyway, I flipped on Chelsea Lately, as usual.  I know not the best choice, but sometimes the people make me laugh.  Well he rolled over and said how he couldn’t stand that show and how arrogant she is and he can’t stand hearing her voice.  I thought okay fine I will no longer watch her.  I turned the channel and then shut it off.  I want to be Intentional about supporting my man!


A Bible Study is something I am trying to figure out…I want something good, I would like to do it with a couple other women.  I want it to be about homeschooling, being a Mom, or being a wife, something like that…any ideas.  I would like to put this together and start a group to meet.  I am not sure how to do this?  If anyone has suggestions, I am open to it.


Something else that I’ve been Intentional in is weight loss.  I hate talking about this, since it’s such a sensitive topic for me but here it is.  I’ve struggled with the 30-40lbs for the last ?? years.  I go to bed thinking about being thin and wake up with dreams of being thinner.  It’s on my mind all the time.  I am my worst critic.  I hate so much of my body.  I feel like everyone must just look at my flaws.  I try very hard to never say anything in front of my girls, b/c I don’t want them to ever worry about it later in life.  I feel like when people look at me with my hubby that they must think there is “fat and skinny.”  I never feel good enough.  Trust me, it’s all me.  My husband has NEVER said anything to me.  He tells me all the time how beautiful and lovely I look and I scuff and point out everything wrong.  (I know awful)

So, I decided to make a big change and do a $$ diet.  I felt really guilty b/c my hubby told me to go for it, b/c he wants me to feel good about myself and see what he sees.  So, I decided to join Quick Weight Loss clinic.  I went in for my first meeting and they spent tons of time with me, going over all these things I think about myself.  It hit home…and this is it.  I am going to lose the weight.  This is my year, it’s coming off once and for all!  We went to Disney for 2 days and I still managed to lose 4.5lbs.  Go me!  I was excited and can’t wait to see another big drop!  If you are interested in hearing more about the plan send me a message.  (


So, like I said this is me being real and putting it ALL out there.  Please hold me accountable and push me on!  I am asking for it.


not give up


2013: Word of the Year

Instead of making a list a of resolutions that only last a few days, I decided to pick a word to focus on throughtout my daily routine.


I want this word to become my theme for the year.  I want to make this a way of life for myself and my family.

I want to relish each moment while we are still here and enjoy the blessings God has given me.

I want to be intentional in:

  • being a supportive wife
  • reading my Bible
  • Bible Study
  • homemaking
  • teaching
  • loving
  • listening
  • friendships that endure
  • conscious spender
  • giving of myself
  • serving others
  • support
  • weight loss for real

As  I think about all the areas in my life that I need to be intentional in, all the areas that I need to improve on, all the areas I need to grow in, it gets overwhelming. It makes me want to quit right now. (I won’t though, right?!) Thankfully, even though I will fail miserably many times, I don’t have to do it on my own. In fact, I can’t do this on my own. What a relief since it is only January and I have many months to go! This being intentional thing is going to take some major discipline on my part. It is going to mean laying aside some things that I would rather do, to invest in the people and priorities God has placed in my life. But as I seek God, he will give me the strength I need to live intentionally. Wouldn’t it be great if I got to the end of the year and could put a check in the box that meant I learned to be intentional!? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Learning to be intentional is going to be a lifelong journey of allowing the Lord to work in me.

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

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