I have a dream…



Today the girls and I learned more about why people celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What a man with a compassionate heart.  We watched a video about the house he grew up, which was fun to see.  Check it out. http://www.nps.gov/malu/index.htm

We learned he was just a regular guy like everyone else, he was a son, husband, father and friend to many.  All he wanted was everyone to be treated equal. The girls found it appalling that there were separate schools, neighborhoods, churches, water fountains and even restaurants to name  a few.  We talked about how it would feel to be told we can use the same restroom if you have straight or curly hair or freckles or no freckles…that’s how dumb it all was.

I am so glad that my girls do not see color as something negative.  They have friends of all colors and are happy that the “laws” are different now.  We love knowing that God made us in HIS image and we are all the same on the inside.

They each did  a presentation about their own dream…





Gretchen has a dream of everyone, people and animals being healthy and everyone has food to eat all the time.


Evelyn’s dream is that there was no bullying.



Mabel and Vera’s dream is that people would respect the environment and take care of the Earth. They also wish that cigarette and drugs were banned.


She was so excited to do her presentation. Mabel did the writing for her.


They were all listening and attentive during our MLK lesson. It was very insightful.


Gretchen’s creations…she even made veggies and fruit out of clay.